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Local Pickup Only!!!


One 4 frame nucleus colony of Indiana Queen Breeder Association bee stock with Indiana bred queen. Honey and brood in the frames and 5th frame of foundation. Pickup in late May possibly early June.


Tier Pricing available and as follows:

1-9 $200 each

10 and up $190 each

Please call for bulk orders 219-359-2337.


Pickup date, time, and location TBD.

4 Frame Indiana Nuc with Indiana queen (Local Pickup Only)

  • Nuc pickup will be late May to Early June 2024 with time, date, and location TBD.


    Remember that preparation is the key to success in beekeeping. Have your hives and protective gear ready before pickup day. Look into feeding your new bees a nectar and pollen substitute to give them a strong start.  Also, think about early mite treatment. 


    We wish you a fun and productive 2024 beekeeping season!

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