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Who are we?

We are all Earthlings


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Earthling Bee Co. was founded in 2018 by Nicky and Jessica Jones in Griffith, Indiana. We're a family owned Northern Indiana based full service bee company. Our mission is to connect our fellow earthlings with 100% pure honey while promoting sustainable beekeeping practices, providing pollination to our community, and fostering a love of bees and beekeeping through education.


Nicky grew up down south in Georgia. He comes from a family who had roots in farming. In years gone by, bees were just part of farm life. Most farms would have a bee hive or two just to have fresh honey on the table. Although Nicky's family had moved to the suburbs before he came along, Nicky's grandfather still kept a few hives. Some of Nicky's earliest childhood memories involve his grandfather's bee equipment such as his smoker and honey extractor. Nicky's grandfather passed on before Nicky had his own hives, but the seed had been planted.


When Nicky and Jessica moved to Griffith, IN in 2017 they struggled to find local honey. Winter came and the one quart of wildflower honey they were able to track down was running very low. One afternoon, as Nicky and Jessica watched the sun set over the freshly fallen snow, Jess posed a simple question. "What next?" Nicky and Jessica have always loved being outdoors and watching things grow. Nicky answered Jessica’s question of “What next?” by mumbling something about a cash crop of tomatoes. Then Jess asked a now infamous follow up question. "What about bees?"


Nicky and Jessica went to work immediately lining up bees for the coming spring. They started their first colonies in April of 2019 and with that Earthling Bee Co. was born. Fast forward a few years and Earthling Bee Co. now manages more than a few hives.


Earthling Bee Co. has a passion for our planet and we adore our bees and the work they do! We work hard every day to put honey on the tables of our fellow earthlings in our community and beyond.

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